Buttons Block

The Buttons block allows you to add buttons linking to other pages on your site or to an external page. It’s great for calling attention to the most important thing you want your visitors to do.

Get started by clicking the + Inserter icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen and select the Buttons Block from the blocks list

Once you add the block it will add one button to your page or post and you can click on the + sign to add more buttons:

You can also click on the Cogwheel to change the button settings like text color, background color, border radius and if you scroll down you will find the option to add the link to the button

If you click on the ellipse menu you will find the options to move the buttons to right and left when you have more than one button, copy, duplicate or remove the button

You can also align the buttons to the left, right, or center. First, make sure you select the parent Buttons block like so:

The option to select the parent Buttons block in the WordPress mobile app

Then, select the alignment option from the toolbar.

Toolbar for parent Buttons block in the WordPress mobile app

You can choose to align the buttons to the left, center, or right.