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How do I create a Story?

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Create a new Story post

From the app’s home screen, tap the floating blue button above the tab bar. Then select Story post from the menu. 

You can also choose to add a Story block within a post or page.

Select media to add

On Android devices, tap the blue camera button to take a photo or choose photos and videos to add to your Story from your device files or your site’s Media Library. Then tap the check icon to confirm your selection.

On iOS devices, take a photo or tap the thumbnail icon to select an image from your device or site’s Media Library. Then tap Add to confirm your selection.

Customize Your Story with a Text Overlay

To add a text overlay to your Story slide, tap the A button. After typing out the text, you can customize the text style, color, alignment, and size. When you’re done customizing, tap the checkmark button to apply the text to the slide.

Pinch, zoom, and drag the text overlay to where you want it to appear. To delete the text overlay, long press on it until the trash icon appears. Then drag it to the trash icon.

How to resize and delete text.

Adding, Reordering and Deleting Slides

Tap the the thumbnail with the “plus” icon and select the photos and videos to add more slides to your Story.

How to add slides to your Story

To change the order of the slides, press and hold on a thumbnail and drag it until it reaches the right position.

How to reorder slides

To delete a slide on Android devices, press and hold on the slide you want to delete. A trash icon will appear on the screen. Tapping on the trash button will display confirmation to delete the slide.

How to delete slides

To delete a slide on iOS, press and hold on the slide you want to delete and drag it towards the center of the screen. A trash icon will appear and dragging the slide to it will delete the slide.

How to delete slides on iOS

Publish Your Story

When you’re ready to publish your Story, tap the arrow button at the top of the screen. Give your Story post a title, then publish the post or schedule the post to publish at a later date and time. 

Editing a Story

A Story block can be edited and updated after publishing. You can add to your Story by selecting new photos and videos. Story slides can also be reordered or deleted.

If you are editing a Story block using the same device the Story was originally created with, you’ll be able to edit and reposition text in the Story.

To edit a Story in the WordPress apps:

  1. Go to My Site → Blog Posts (or Site Pages).
  2. Open the post or page with the Story you want to edit.
  3. Click on the Story block, then tap the paintbrush icon at the top of the Story preview.
  4. Make edits to your Story.
  5. Tap the check mark icon to save your changes and return to the post or page.
  6. Tap Update to publish the updated post to your site.