Posts and Pages

How can I create a page?

Pages are static. That means that the information displayed on a page doesn’t change, or doesn’t change often. A great example of a page would be the ‘About’ or ‘Contact Us’ section of a website.

To view your site’s pages, tap on Site Pages. On this screen, you will see four tabs:

  • Published: pages that are visible on your site.
  • Drafts: pages you’re still working on that haven’t been published yet.
  • Scheduled: pages you have set to be published at a future time. Here’s how.
  • Trashed: pages you have deleted. They can be restored from the trash for 30 days. After that, they are permanently deleted.

Here’s how to create a pages on both Android and iOS devices. You have two options:

You can either select the “Site Page” tab in the Dashboard and then the pink and white “Add New” icon in the bottom right corner.

Or you can tap the pink Add New Icon directly from your dashboard.

If you choose to tap the pink icon from the dashboard you have then the option to select if you want to add a new Post, Page or Story