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How do I add tags and categories?

In the app, tap the ellipsis menu (…) on the upper right, then tap Post Settings.

Post settings in Jetpack iOS app

Then tap either on the Categories or the Tags tab.

Post settings screen in Jetpack iOS app

When you select Categories, tap on the + (plus) sign at the top right corner to add a new category or select a previously added one from the list.

Post Categories in Jetpack iOS app

When you select Tags, add new tags by typing the text for your tag, then hitting the back arrow in the top left to return to the previous screen.

If the tag has already been created for a previous post or page, the Tags list will begin to auto-populate with matching tags.

Tags screen in Jetpack iOS app

Pro tip – Make sure the total of your tags + categories does not exceed 15. Sometimes having more than 15 categories plus tags combined causes conflict and will prevent a post from showing in the Reader.


  • 7 categories and 3 tags (total 10) is fine. 
  • 7 tags and 3 categories (total 10) is fine.
  • 8 of one and 8 of another (total 16) is NOT fine.

To learn more about categories and tags, see the following guides: