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Can I manage plugins on a self-hosted site?

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Managing plugins

It is possible to manage the plugins on your site from the WordPress app.

To manage plugins on your site, tap on the Plugins menu item.

Plugins menu item in WordPress iOS app

Your Plugins page will look something like this:

Plugins page in WordPress iOS app

Clicking on the Manage link takes you to the list of plugins currently installed on your site.

Plugin manager in WordPress iOS app

When you select one of your plugins, you’ll see the option to deactivate or activate it.

Plugin details in WordPress iOS app

To delete a plugin in the iOS app, scroll to the bottom and click the Remove Plugin link.

Remove plugin in WordPress iOS app

In the Android app, click the trash icon.

Plugin details in WordPress Android app

Installing plugins

To install a plugin, go to Plugins. You’ll see a showcase of some featured plugins, as well as the most popular, and new plugins. You can also search for plugins.

After you click on a plugin name, you’ll see a button to install it on your site. You can also read all about the plugin – what new functionality it provides, and how it works.

Install plugin in WordPress iOS app