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Blogging Reminders

From your iOS or Android app, you have the ability to request blogging reminders. Just choose your preferred blogging days, and we’ll send you a notification, prompting you to post on that day.

To set up blogging reminders, you can go to My Site → Settings. Then, click on Blogging Reminders.

Blogging Reminders option in WordPress mobile app

You will then see a popup that prompts you to set reminders.

Set reminders in WordPress mobile app

Once you click the Set reminders button, you can then choose which days you’d like to be reminded. Then click the Notify me button.

Select the days you want to write in WordPress mobile app

After the reminders have been set, a confirmation notice will display.

Blogging Reminders confirmation in WordPress mobile app

Once your chosen day arrives, you will receive a push notification.

Blogging Reminders push notification

Tapping the notification opens the Blog Posts section in your app, so you can create a new post.