I can’t upload photos or videos

There are a number of reasons why media uploads would fail in the app. Please follow these steps to resolve upload issues:

  1. If you have a WordPress.com site, see if you have run out of storage space by going to your Media library at https://wordpress.com/media/.
  2. Try uploading media using a different internet connection. If your network isn’t stable, this can cause an upload to fail.
  3. Do you see a message about your Jetpack connection? If so, run your site through the Jetpack Debug tool and see if there are error messages. Follow the troubleshooting tips there to get Jetpack reconnected on your site.
  4. Contact your web host and check to see if they’re blocking or otherwise limiting incoming and outgoing connections over XML-RPC. The Jetpack mobile apps use this file to communicate with your site, but some hosts limit and block connection requests to that file.
  5. Confirm that you can upload the same image or video from your site’s wp-admin > Media section. If this also fails, you can verify your maximum upload file size listed on the Upload New Media page to confirm if this needs to be increased. If so, contact your host for assistance.
  6. Check for any plugins that may be causing an issue. You can disable all plugins except Jetpack and try uploading again. If the issue doesn’t repeat, you can reactivate the plugins one at a time until the issue returns to narrow down the problematic plugins.

If you’re still having difficulty after following these steps, reach out to our support team. If possible, share a screenshot of any error messages you received and logs from your device.