How can I add an image?

You can add images directly from your device, or from your site’s media library. If you want to insert an image into a page or post you are editing, click on the new block button. 

Then select an Image block.

Click on the ADD IMAGE link on the block that is added into your post.  Choose where your image can be found and then select the image you want to insert into your post.

Different ways to add images
  1. Choose from device will load the images saved in your device’s media library.
  2. The Take a Photo feature activates your device’s camera.
  3. WordPress Media Library will show you the images already saved to your site’s Media library.
  4. Choose from Free Photo Library will search for images in our Free Image Library of photos provided by Pexels.
  5. Choose from Tenor allows you to search for GIFs provided by Tenor. (In the iOS app, this option will be Free GIF Library.)