How can I change my address or domain?

If you are looking into either add a custom domain (site address) to your site or simply change the free subdomain you have you would need to log into your account from a browser to do so.

So the first step is logging into your account here:

Change a site address or domain

You can change your site’s free address (ending with in a web browser with this guide:

Change a Site Address

You can also add a custom domain to your site on your Domains page:

Custom domains replace your free address (ending with with a domain of your choice, like  

Learn more about custom domains.

Change a self-hosted site URL

Before changing your self-hosted site’s URL, read this guide carefully:

Changing The Site URL

If you need help before or after changing your self-hosted site’s URL, please contact your website hosting provider for assistance. The WordPress app support team cannot resolve problems changing a self-hosted site’s URL.