Help shape the future of WordPress apps

User Feedback

If you’re a user or developer and would like to leave feedback about the WordPress mobile apps, contact us on our forums. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us to improve the experience, each and every day. We have Requests and Feedback forums for WordPress for iOS and WordPress for Android.

You can also send feedback directly in the app: Go to Help & Support on the Me (account) tab, and select Contact us.

Beta Testing

Do you enjoy giving feedback on the WordPress apps and want to do more? If you like exploring the latest features and don’t mind uncovering a few bugs in the process, join our beta testing program!


Sign up for the WordPress for iOS TestFlight beta program, or go to WordPress for Android in the Google Play Store on your device and opt in to the beta program.

For details on what to test in each beta version, head to Make WordPress Mobile. Leave feedback directly on that post (requires a account) or submit feedback through TestFlight (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Opting Out


Open the Testflight app and select the app you want to stop testing from the list.  On the selected app page, tap Stop Testing. In the pop up, tap Stop Testing to confirm that you want to stop testing the app.


Open the Google Play Store and find the app you want to leave.  Tap the app to open the app page.  Scroll down and find the section on beta testing.  Tap Leave.


To join the desktop app beta, first download and install the app. Then, open the app’s Preferences. Next to “Release Channel,” switch from the Stable release to the Beta channel. After a short wait you will be prompted to install the latest beta version. You can share your desktop app feedback on GitHub.


GitHub repositories:

Are you passionate about mobile development? Do you want to work on projects that improve the mobile experiences of hundreds of thousands of users around the world?

If you are a mobile developer and have a passion for enhancing the user experience on small-screen portable devices, you can contribute to the WordPress mobile apps, which are open-source projects — this means anyone, including you, can play a part in its development.

For details on how to get involved in the WordPress mobile community, take a look at the WordPress Mobile Development Handbook: a guide on tools, code, style guidelines, and more.