WordPress for Android: Version 5.6

Hello WordPress users! Version 5.6 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store.

Related Posts in the Reader

Discover relevant work from the WordPress community. A section of related posts will now appear just underneath Likes on a post:

Related Post Screenshot

Custom Notification Sound

You’ve got activity! With 5.6, you’ll be able to customize your notification sound:

Custom Notification Sound

Invite New Users

A cordial invitation. Invite users to your site from the People management screen, designate their roles, and customize a message to send to them:

Invite Users

Other Changes

Version 5.6 also comes with a few other changes and fixes:

  • Post list: Posts in the middle of being uploaded will be disabled and shown a progress indicator. A publish button is added on drafts.
  • “View Site” and “View Admin” will now open the device browser.
  • A comment is automatically approved when you reply to it

You can track our development progress for the next release by visiting our 5.7 milestone on GitHub.


Do you like keeping up with what’s new in the app? Do you enjoy testing new stuff before anyone else? Our testers have access to beta versions with updates shipped directly through Google Play. The beta versions may have new features, new fixes — and possibly new bugs! Testers make it possible for us to improve the overall app experience, and offer us invaluable development feedback.

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Thank you

Thanks to our GitHub contributors: @0nko, @aforcier, @bummytime, @daniloercoli, @hypest, @khaykov, @kwonye, @maxme, @mzorz, @nbradbury, @oguzkocer, @theck13, @thomasleplus and @tonyr59h.