WordPress for Android: Version 5.0

Howdy, WordPress users! Version 5.0 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store!

New Feature: Site Settings

If you use the app with a WordPress.com site, you can now edit all your site settings within the app.

Your dog pictures are no longer attracting lots of traffic? Easy: just change your site title and tagline, and switch the default category from “dog” to “cat.” Presto: now you have the web’s best cat blog.


New Feature: My Profile

Now that you changed your site title, you might also want to change your public display name and your bio. Great timing: we’ve also just added a “My Profile” screen to this version of the app, where you can change your basic personal information. You’ll be able to edit even more of these details in upcoming versions.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating at least two new categories in Post Settings.
  • Fixed a rare crash when trying to send messages to our Support team.
  • Fixed a bug that cut off text in the Stats Widget on some Home screens.


Do you enjoy keeping up with what’s new in the app, testing stuff, and exploring new UI changes before anyone else? Our testers have access to beta versions with updates shipped directly through Google Play. The beta versions may have new features, new fixes — and possibly new bugs! Testers make it possible for us to improve the overall app experience, and offer us invaluable development feedback. Want to become a tester? Please request access through our Google+ Community.

Thank you

A big thank you to the contributors who worked on this release: @aerych, @aforcier, @daniloercoli, @kwonye, @maxme, @nbradbury, @oguzkocer, @roundhill, @sapuglha and @tonyr59h.

You can track the development progress for the next version by visiting our 5.1 milestone on GitHub.