WordPress for Android: Version 4.8

Howdy, WordPress users! Version 4.8 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store!

Theme Showcase

We’ve updated the theme browsing experience to better align with our recent overhaul of the Theme Showcase. Check out the changes and let us know what you think!

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Full Backup

We’ve added support for full backups. If you’re using the app on a Android 6.+ device, you won’t have to login again. All your data are backep up and automatically restored on install, that means if you uninstall the app or buy a new device, all your data (credentials, local drafts, preferences) will be restored when you install WordPress for Android.

Minor changes

  • Fixed a Geolocation issue when updating a published post,
  • Fixed private images loading in comments,
  • Published notifications are now dismissed on tap or on share.


Do you enjoy keeping up with what’s new in the app, testing stuff, and exploring new UI changes before anyone else? Our testers have access to beta versions with updates shipped directly through Google Play. The beta versions may have new features, new fixes — and possibly new bugs! Testers make it possible for us to improve the overall app experience, and offer us invaluable development feedback. Want to become a tester? Please request access through our Google+ Community.

Thank you

A big thank you to the contributors who worked on this release: @daniloercoli, @kwonye, @maxme, @nbradbury, @roundhill and @tonyr59h.

You can track the development progress for the next version by visiting our 4.9 milestone on GitHub.