WordPress for iOS: Version 5.5

Hello, WordPress users! Version 5.5 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. Here’s a peek at the newest features and latest updates:

What’s New:

A cleaner stats interface. A cleaner, uncluttered layout for the Insights page, which makes your stats easier to review.

Quick access to general settings. Some blog settings, like Site Title and Tagline, are now adjustable from within the app.

A redesigned About panel. As we continue to work toward a consistent WordPress for iOS experience, we’ve redesigned the “About” panel, which now blends in smoothly with the rest of the app.

More precise pageview tracking. When site admins view their own posts in the Reader, these views are no longer reflected in the site’s stats.

Bug fixes. You can see the complete list of bug fixes here.

Thank You!

Thanks to all of the contributors who worked on this release:
@aerych, @argon, @astralbodies, @bummytime, @dcondrau, @diegoreymendez, @jleandroperez, @koke, @kwonye, @roop, @sendhil, @SergioEstevao.

You can track the development progress for the next update by visiting our 5.6 milestone on GitHub. Until next time!