WordPress For Android: Version 4.0

Version 4.0 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Here’s a peek at the newest features and latest updates.

What’s new

Much of the work done for the 4.0 release is under-the-hood in preparation for an improved editing experience. The two things you may notice:

  • Enhanced media picker: We improved the performance of the media picker to better handle large libraries.
  • Faster and more efficient login: Data is no longer wiped between logins of the same user. That means any local posts you’ve got in progress are no longer deleted if you sign back in with the same username.

Other changes to the post and page editor are invisible but lay the groundwork for a new visual editor. Test away, please!

We also fixed a few bugs, including one that prompted some people to reenter usernames and passwords to view a site. If you experienced this, be sure to install this update and let us know if it resolves the problem.


Do you like keeping up with what’s new in the app? Do you enjoy testing new stuff before anyone else? Our testers have access to beta versions with updates shipped directly through Google Play. The beta versions may have new features, new fixes — and possibly new bugs! Testers make it possible for us to improve the overall app experience, and offer us invaluable development feedback.

Want to become a tester? Please request access through our Google+ Community.

Thank you

A big thank you to the contributors who worked on this release:
@daniloercoli@maxme@nbradbury@roundhill@tonyr59h, @kwonye, @fadils, and @fmedlin.

You can track the development progress for the next version by visiting our 4.0 milestone on GitHub. Until next time!