WordPress Android App Version 3.0

The WordPress Android app version 3.0 has been released in the Google Play Store. This release includes enhancements and bug fixes.

Swipe between posts in the Reader

You can now navigate among posts in the selected tag by swiping them.

Geotagging simplified

Geotagging has been redesigned. We removed the geotagging option from blog settings and added a simple button in the post settings. It’s now easier to add and remove a location to a post: to geotag a post, go to post settings and tap “Add location.” Then, you can use the “Locate” button to auto-discover your location or enter an arbitrary location in the text box.

Interface improvements

  • We smoothed and improved some animations.
  • Full-screen videos are now available from the Reader post details screen.
  • We modified the scrollbar color (from dark gray to transparent white) on the blue background.

General changes

  • You can contact support directly from within the app by using the “Help” button in the settings screen.
  • A new FAQ screen is in place to help you with the app.
  • Your WordPress.com blog list now automatically updates — there’s no need to refresh the list manually.
  • We added the option to allow users to opt in an out of user behavior tracking. (We track user events to help make our app better.)
  • Stats links now open in the app. (Previously, they opened in an external browser.)
  • We’re proud to support a new language: Brazilian Portuguese!

Bug fixes

This version also comes with a bunch of bug fixes. Here are bug-squashing highlights from this release:

  • Users with Jetpack-enabled blogs can now moderate comments directly from the notification screen.
  • We fixed an issue where devices with Hebrew as the default language displayed the app in English.
  • Users on servers with SNI and a shared ssl certificate are now able to log in.
  • We fixed an issue where some users were taken to a blank screen on opening the app from a push notification.
  • We fixed a problem where deleting a post or switching to another screen caused the app to crash.

What’s next?

A big thanks to all of the contributors who worked on this release: @anirudh24seven, @daniloercoli, @gnima, @maxme, @mjangda, @nbradbury, @roundhill, and @sendhil! You can keep up with the development progress at http://make.wordpress.org/mobile and can also follow the app on Twitter @WPAndroid. If you need support or want to send us suggestions, please visit our forums or contact us directly in the app.