Powerful Media Handling, New Theme Browser, Better Stats, and More


As more and more of you blog on the go, the mobile WordPress experience needs to keep up! Head to Google Play today to download the newest WordPress for Android update, a big release that makes posting and administration simpler and more beautiful.

Media Library

The app can now access all the files in your Media Library. Edit the Title, Description or Caption for any item. with a few taps, add any media to a post, or upload photos and videos from your phone or tablet right to your Media Library.

Gallery Support

Create tiled galleries with items in your Media Library, no photo editing software necessary. Long-press to select multiple media items, and tap the gallery button to create a new gallery. From there, choose your preferred gallery style and reorder your images with drag and drop.

WordPress.com Theme Browser

If you have a WordPress.com blog, theme browser allows you to browse for, preview, and activate a new theme for your site right from your device. Looking for a particular theme or theme feature? Head to the ‘Themes’ menu in the navigation drawer, search using the ActionBar, and see results instantly. (Note: you’ll need administrator rights for the site to use the theme browser.)

Native Stats

We’ve overhauled the stats view, replacing the web-based version with a much faster (and better looking!) version. Use the filter in the ActionBar to review key stats at a glance:

  • Visitors and Views
  • Totals, Followers & Shares
  • Clicks
  • Referrers
  • Search Engine Terms

If you’re hungry for more, you can still view the full stats site by tapping ‘View full site’ in the overflow menu.

PIN Lock

In the app settings, you’ll find an option to enable PIN Lock to protect your site’s content. When enabled, the app will ask you to enter the PIN lock code every time you return to the app.

(Developers! We made the PIN Lock an open source library that you can drop into your app to add the same functionality. See details at https://github.com/wordpress-mobile/Android-PasscodeLock.)

Thanks and What’s Next

Big thanks to all of the hard-working contributors that helped get this release out the door: xtreme-fredrich-ombico, daniloercoli, roundhill, maxme, nbradbury and aerych!

Expect another big update soon that adds a native WordPress.com Reader, as well as a revamped welcome and blog setup experience.

What do you think of the update? Drop us a comment here or follow us @WPAndroid.