Making a Splash with Version 2.2

It’s been an exciting few months for WordPress for Windows Phone. Since releasing v. 2.2 in June, users around the world have been enjoying the app’s new features, increased stability, and an overall smoother user experience.

latest features: success!

Blogging on-the-go from your Windows Phone has never been easier. With sleek galleries — either in thumbnail grid or slideshow mode — your images look appealing on screens of all sizes.


Our recently added rich text editor makes it a breeze to write longer posts, where a bit of html code can go a long way toward keeping lists and links in order.

Finally, now that you can get push notifications for new comments, leaving your house no longer means a long queue of comments waiting to be approved. You can keep the conversation going no matter where you are.

a worldwide hit

The release of v. 2.2 received a warm welcome from users around the world.

Now, the Windows Phone Store is joining the chorus of supporters: starting October 13, WordPress for Windows Phone will be promoted as a featured app for all phone models in Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Switzerland (German and Italian), as well as for selected devices in Argentina, Ireland, and Norway (to name a few). It’s the perfect moment to introduce our app to all your Windows Phone-using friends and family!

Go beyond using: contribute!

Have you ever considered helping us make WordPress for Windows Phone an even better app? Drop us a line at make/mobile on and we’ll let you know how you can contribute. Since we’ve adopted a feature-based release schedule, it’s easier and more fun to help out. And if you ever have an idea for a feature or see something that needs to be fixed, don’t hesitate to let us know on the WordPress for Windows Phone Trac.

Make sure to follow @WPWindowsPhone on Twitter to get the latest news first, and stay tuned for future updates and new features.


Still haven’t downloaded v. 2.2 of WordPress for Windows Phone? It’s never too late: click the link below to get our most recent release and enjoy all our great features:

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