Over the summer, we encouraged you to get involved. Over on, you can read about what’s going on behind the scenes. On the developer blog for BlackBerry, it’s been interesting to follow along on one contributor’s project for Google Summer of Code 2013, a global program that offers participants stipends to write code for open source projects like WordPress.

Over 15 weeks, Daniele Maio worked on building a WordPress mobile native app for BlackBerry 10 devices, with mentorship and guidance from the mobile developer community of WordPress. The project is a great example of just what contributing to WordPress is all about. We now need your help to take this app a step further, complete the work Daniele started, and release it to the public.

Interested in contributing and working on this platform? A good place to start is the WordPress Mobile Development Handbook, which covers best practices, guidelines for interacting with the team, and other resources for contributing to all the WordPress mobile apps. You can also join the team in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode on Mondays at 9 am PST to get in touch and learn about the status of various projects.

Join us!