WordPress Featured in 90+ App Stores Worldwide

WordPress for iOS featured in the US App Store on September 20, 2013

It’s been an exciting few days for us working on the WordPress app for iOS. With the launch of iOS 7, the app ended up in the spotlight of a flurry of similar announcements and was listed among the best iOS 7 apps in several publications — one example:
“Here’s How iOS 7 Has Already Changed The Look Of Your Apps” (Business Insider)

Today we’re excited to share another reason to celebrate. We just found out that the app is featured as one of the top apps in the Social Networking category in the U.S. App Store! This, along with the app being highlighted in the “Apps Designed for iOS 7” section in 92 stores worldwide to date. Of course we’re extremely proud of this achievement. Major kudos once again to Hugo Baeta and Sendhil Panchadsaram who worked together making this release happen.

The Beauty and the Beast

While we’re super excited to see the app getting recognized in both App Stores and all around the web, the iOS 7 release still had some lingering issues — some more severe than others. We’re working hard on fixing these and have already issued a quick bug fix update (3.8.1) that, among other things, takes care of the annoying categories bug for those of you still running iOS 6.

To see a full list of open issues and follow our progress crunching through them, check out the GitHub project. If you have any more details on any of the bugs or — heaven forbid — you find a new one, please let us know in the forums or directly on GitHub as soon as you see it. The more details we know the sooner we can get to work.