Version 3.3 Is Here To Be Heard: Announcing Sounds

Since the release of version 3.2 the team has been hard at work on several new features. Today we’re we’re happy to announce that the first — in-app Sounds — is now available in version 3.3. Adding sounds to the app has been on our wish list a long time, and while this is a modest update, we hope you will enjoy it!


There are five new sounds created by the talented Josh Mobley in the app:

  • You’ll hear a swish sound when you open a panel on the iPhone, or tap a menu item on the iPad.
  • A pulling sound plays when you pull down to refresh content.
  • Once the refresh completes you’ll hear a click.
  • When you receive a new comment a chime will let you know about it immediately.
  • The app now makes a crumple sound when you discard panels on the iPad.

Our goal is to provide elegant sounds that enhance your experience with WordPress for iOS, but you can mute the new sounds from the Settings screen if you prefer a silent app. Your device’s mute button will silence the app as well.

Stability Improvements

In addition to the new sounds effects, we continue to make the app even more stable. In this release we fixed a total of 21 issues.

Next Up

A new Notifications feature for and Jetpack-enabled blogs is nearing completion. We also have a visual editor in the works, which we’re very excited about. If these are features you’re interested in helping with, or if you have a different feature or improvement in mind, the time to help make WordPress for iOS amazing is NOW! Drop us a note on our dev blog or chime in at make/mobile on and we’ll help you get started as a contributor!

A huge thanks to the contributors that worked on this release: koke, aerych, mrroundhill, fklu, jkudish, daniloercoli, isaackeyet, and jmobb.

What do you think of the new sound effects? Drop a comment here or follow us on @WordPressiOS to let us know!