Introducing Version 1.7: Local Drafts, Post Formats, Compatibility

We’re very happy to announce that version 1.7 of WordPress for Windows Phone is now available in the Windows Phone Store! This update adds many new features such as Local Drafts, Multimedia Management, and Post Formats. It also resolves many of the outstanding issues and quirks that you have mentioned on the forums and on Twitter. Read on to find out more.

New Features

  • Local Drafts
    Nothing’s worse than working on a great post only to have it disappear because of a bad internet connection. That’s why we made it possible to save a new post or page as a Local Draft on your device.
  • Multimedia Management improvements
    Adding photos to your blog posts is now easier than ever. You can choose to upload straight from the camera or from the photo library on your device. You can also now set the positioning (i.e: display at the top or bottom of your post) by tapping the picture on the Edit screen.
  • Post Format Support
    At the bottom of the Edit screen, you’ll now see an option for setting the post format for your posts. The app will check with your blog to get a list of post formats that your theme supports.
  • Windows Phone 8 compatibility
    While this release focuses mainly on bugs and performance enhancements, it also includes some updates to help Windows Phone users take advantage of the latest addition from Microsoft: Windows Phone 8!

Version 1.7 also includes numerous other bug fixes and improvements not listed here. For a full list, visit the 1.7 Trac milestone.

As always, your feedback and input on this release will help guide us as we work hard on the next release, which we’ve already started coding. If you feel like 1.7 is an improvement over the previous release, feel free to leave us a review in the Marketplace to let everyone else know that they should upgrade.

Additionally, we welcome your feedback in the forums and on Twitter.

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The following contributors have worked on this release of WordPress for Windows Phone:  aerychisaackeyetdaniloercoli, and mrroundhill!

Getting Involved?

Development is continuing at a very rapid pace. We are already marching towards the next release of the app. So far we are keen on adding a better Post Editor, and support for Featured Images. Want to help out? Check out and the WordPress for Windows Phone dev blog to see how you can get involved!

If you’d like to help us translate the app into your native language, check out the translation project.

Happy blogging!