Version 1.6 Now Available: Dashboard, Quick Photo, Reader

Version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerry: device showing the Dashboard and the Action Bar.We’re pleased to announce that version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerry is now available on the RIM App World! The update is packed with new features to make your mobile blogging experience even better.

What’s New?

Dashboard + Action Bar
Everything you want to do, all in one place. The Dashboard is the first thing you see when launching the app and it provides one-tap access to most features available in the app. Write new Posts and Pages, publish a Photo, check your Stats, moderate Comments, access the WordPress Dashboard, and much more.

The action bar at the top of your screen allows you to quickly change between blogs and refresh Posts, Pages, and Comments on the blog selected. It makes it easy to change the blog you’re posting to, as well as seeing if there are any pending comments.

Quick Photo
Quick Photo icon in version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerryWant to post a picture quickly? We added a Quick Photo button that takes you right to the camera so you can capture the moment and instantly attach the photo to a new post. Quick Photo will use the Image Post Format (if your theme supports it) and you can even post pictures that you’ve already taken. Reading Made Easy Read icon in version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerryIf you publish to one or more blogs in your WordPress for BlackBerry app you’ll now see a Read button in the Dashboard. This is the fastest way to keep up with posts from blogs you’re following on Here’s how it works: if you go to any blog and click the Follow button in the Toolbar, you’ll not only get email notifications about new posts from that blog, but they’ll also show up right in the app!

Screenshot of the follow button in the Toolbar

You can manage the blogs you’re following in your dashboard, where you can also add custom RSS feeds.

Don’t follow any blogs yet? In the app’s “Read” screen you’ll also find Freshly Pressed, listing some of the most interesting on posts. Or you can tap the little arrow button and select from a multitude of interesting Topics, including Art, Technology, Books, and many more.

The Read function is in Beta and will be improved over time, so we’d very much like to hear what you like about it and what features you’d like to see next! Post a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter. Please note that this feature is only available on devices running OS7 or higher.

We’re happy to report that version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerry adds support for 6 more languages: Bosnian, Hebrew, Croatian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, and Simplified Chinese.

Is your language not translated yet? You can easily contribute the translation yourself, and we’ll put it in the app in a future release! To get started, visit the WordPress for BlackBerry project on (learn more). You don’t have to translate all strings, as other people will join in to help you out.

Additional Changes
Infinite Scroll in version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerryIn addition to the features highlighted above, here’s what’s been updated:

  • Added the ability to make a post sticky.
  • Added “Infinite Scrolling” on the Posts/Pages/Comments screens. This feature speeds up using the lists as it loads new items while you scroll.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the lists.
  • Post/Page Preview now also works for blogs marked as Private.
  • The FilePicker shows files sorted by date, making it much easier to find the latest photo to attach to your post.
  • A new, shiny application icon.
  • Many other improvements and fixes, here is the full list of changes.

Download Version 1.6
You should be able to update the app directly from RIM App World on your device. Otherwise you can visit the Download page to find the right WordPress for BlackBerry for your device.


The following contributors worked on this release of WordPress for BlackBerry: isaackeyet, daniloercolihelp contribute to future releases!

We’d also like to extend a big thanks to all the beta testers and everyone that’s helped make version 1.6 of WordPress for BlackBerry happen!

What’s Next?

While we’re very proud of this release, we’re not taking a rest! We’re currently in the planning stages of version 2.0 of WordPress for BlackBerry. The plan is to take an overall look at where the app is, and streamline it to what you use it for the most.

Do you have questions or feedback on how we can make the app better? Please visit the WordPress for BlackBerry forums and tell us your thoughts! You can also tweet us @WPBlackBerry – subscribe to get the latest news first.

Photo Upload Problems
We’re aware of the problems some of you are seeing with photo uploads in WordPress for BlackBerry. This is a problem with RIM and we’re actively working on resolving it with them.