WordPress for iOS Update Available

We’ve focused on the feedback we’ve gotten from the past two releases to make 2.6.4 the most stable release of WordPress for iOS in a long time. This version cures numerous bugs and has been tested especially carefully in two areas: Media Uploader and Post Write/Edit.
WordPress for iOS version 2.6.4 is now available in the App Store.
The last WordPress for iOS version (2.6.3) introduced a bug where the app would save line breaks inconsistently in the code, and also remove line breaks when editing posts. These bugs have been resolved.

We think we’ve also fixed many of the issues around the Media Uploader (before if you uploaded many pictures it sometimes wouldn’t work or even crash the app). Now we’re able to upload tons of images without the app crashing, we’re really hoping it works better for all of you as well.

As always though – please let us know if not! We’re making this app for you, and your feedback is invaluable.

WordPress for iOS 2.6.4 Bug Fixes

The new WordPress for iOS Update is available now in the App Store and fixes 20+ bugs & crashes.

Ticket Summary Priority Component
#579 App doesn’t save line breaks (confirmed) blocker Compose
#556 Autosave Recovery No Longer Working (confirmed) critical Posts
#572 (iPad Only) Crash on Pages tab after Deleting Page draft critical Pages
#573 Adding a video plays it on background critical Media
#576 “link help box” runs off screen, broken link formatting (unconfirmed) critical Compose
#587 CoreData Crash with Pages on iPad critical Pages
#589 unable to add blogs protected with the HTTP-Authentication critical Add Blog/Site
#596 Pages overview doesn’t load existing pages on first load critical Pages
#554 Losing content when loading other posts major Posts
#557 weird issues using the basic HTTP Auth major Settings
#574 Improvements on the XML-RPC parsing process major XML-RPC
#575 User Agent is Incorrect when Uploading Files major Media
#580 Offline Saving/Publishing flawed major Add Blog/Site
#582 Media uploading copy major Media
#588 Media Upload Issues major Media
#593 Changing Status of a post in Edit is broken major Publishing
#559 Posts not refreshing on first run minor Posts
#564 ‘Load More’ showing when not needed minor Posts
#584 Media list should be ascending minor Media
#585 Text overflows on the iPad in certain conditions minor Posts


  • Added option to set any size to uploaded pictures.
  • Media list is now ascending, makes it easier if you have a lot of content.

View closed 2.6.4 tickets in Trac.

The Next Version

We hope you like the updates, but we were unable to fix all of the issues in this release. We’re already working hard on 2.6.5 to continue on the bug crusade. On a very high level, this is the plan for 2.6.5 currently:

  1. Priority #1 is always to fix the issues you are reporting, so go ahead and download 2.6.4 and tell us your thoughts!
  2. The rare duplication of content bug (some of you have reported that new posts sometimes inherits details from previous posts). We got a good lead on this.
  3. Media uploader sometimes scales up small images if Original size is chosen.
  4. Managing Pages in WordPress for iOS is a really bad experience, which we want to improve overall.

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