Version 2.6.3 is now available!

We’re very happy to announce that Version 2.6.3 of WordPress for iOS is now available in the App Store!  This version includes a ton of bug and crash fixes, as well as some performance improvements.

Here’s what we put in a box and wrapped up for you, just in time for the holidays:

  • Fix for multisite login issue.
  • Fix for crash when deleting media items.
  • Fix for occasional “Communication Error” for sites.
  • Fix for crash when selecting Pages tab after deleting a draft.
  • Fix for crash when entering settings during blog setup.
  • Fix for issues when uploading videos to without a VideoPress upgrade.
  • Fix for occasional NSXMLParserErrorDomain error for sites.
  • Fix for favicon refresh issues.
  • Fix for incorrect permissions related to contributors and publishing.
  • Fix for crash when replying to comments.
  • Fix for HTTP Auth setting incorrectly set to on by default.
  • Improvements in XML-RPC handling.
  • Several other minor patches and fixes.

As always, your feedback and input on this release will help guide us as we work hard on the next release, which we’ve already started coding. If you feel like 2.6.3 is an improvement over the previous release, feel free to leave us a review in iTunes to let everyone else know that they should upgrade.

Additionally, we welcome your feedback in the forums and on Twitter.

Happy blogging!