The App is Live!

Screenshot of the Actions Dashboard

The Actions dashboard

Ever since Windows Phone 7 was announced we’ve been very much looking forward to creating a new WordPress app specifically for the platform. Today the first version of that app went live on the Windows Market Place! It’s a partnership between iSoftStone, Microsoft and us that’s made this possible, however we hope to get the help of the Open Source community to help the app get even better in the future!

The app itself follows the Windows Phone 7 guidelines in many ways, it uses a Panorama view to let you easily manage your blog/website, but also has an Actions dashboard that quickly lets you get to what you need to do. It’s all about keeping it simple and functional. There’s something magical about the stylish typography combined with simple and easy-to-understand icons. All accompanied by well known WordPress colors and styles.

Download AppWordPress for Windows Phone 7Supported: or self-hosted WordPress (v. 2.9+)

We hope you like the app but we really want your feedback on it as well! Tell us how we can make it even better in the comments below, or feel free to send a tweet our way.