Update on WordPress for iOS

Version 2.6.2 of the WordPress app for iOS devices was not quite the salvation we hoped it would be. While it solves some of the issues presented in earlier versions of the app, many of you are still experiencing problems that make the app difficult to use. Therefore, starting today, the entire team is going to focus on fixing these issues and hopefully ship improvements to you a lot faster.

Thanks to the crash reporting system built into 2.6.2 we now have a deeper understanding around some of the crashes, and therefore we’ve been working on a Crash Fix release which we’re hoping to submit to the app store shortly.

The single most valuable thing that has helped us understand the problems in the app, however, is the feedback from all of you guys. Keep it coming!

If you’re still experiencing problems, please let us know about it in the WordPress for iOS Forums. We’re trying to keep up with all your posts.