Version 2.6 Issues

Version 2.6 was an ambitious update from the start. We wanted to resolve several outstanding issues and add features that you’ve been requesting for quite some time. From WordPress 3.0 Network compatibility to better handling of local drafts, there were several fixes and improvements we wanted to include in the 2.6 update. We also wanted to add video, make it easier to add blogs and sites, and improve the core structure and stability of the app.

From what we’re hearing, we managed to accomplish some of those items. Many of you have been ecstatic about the way you can now quickly add multiple sites and blogs, and everyone seems thrilled about the new autosave feature. We’ve received many reports of improved speed and ease of use, so we’re happy to hear that many of you are happy with the update.

However, since WordPress is such an amazing and extensive platform, we weren’t able to fix everything, and in some cases we created new bugs that made things worse. We’re not perfect, and while we did test this new version heavily, it obviously needed further testing, especially for self-hosted sites.

Right now there are five major issues that users have reported:

  1. Upgrading from an existing older version creates the “Bad username/password” error and dialogs. Deleting and reinstalling the app resolves this issue for most users.
  2. Even after a clean install, some users are reporting crashes at the start screen and are unable to use the app.
  3. NSXMLParserErrorDomain 5 error appears when trying to view posts on some blogs. Comments and pages work fine when this issue is present.
  4. Video – crash after compression finishes but before the upload begins when adding a video from your library.
  5. Video – crash during upload for many users.

Rest assured we are working to quickly resolve these items and get a new version back to you in the App Store as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience that this update has caused for some of you. We will let you know as soon as the new version is ready.