WordPress for Android 1.3.4: Wonky Bugs Fixed & New Comment Feature Added

Huzzah! Today we’ve released a new spiffed-up WordPress for Android app, which not only runs better but also has a cool new comment notification feature.  And as we toast our latest work, we must also give all of you a huge thanks — your feedback has been critical to helping us improve the app.

*update August 25th* – Turns out that the post view fix wasn’t working so well on non Froyo devices.  We found the fix for that and released version 1.3.5 this morning.

First, let’s look at the handy new comment changes:

Now, when you get a new comment, you’ll see the actual text of the comment in the Android notification bar. Also, when you select the comment notification to moderate the comment, it will now be there instantly in the Comments view instead of requiring you to refresh.

And here are the bugs fixed in WordPress for Android 1.3.4:

  • A login prompt now asks you to input your password again if you happened to have changed it from the last time you used the app.
  • Previewing a blog post should now work better and be more stable.
  • Multi-language support is improved, long strings of text won’t make the interface break.
  • The image uploader no longer occasionally crashes when dealing with very large images (>8Mb).
  • When editing a blog post, extra paragraph HTML tags will no longer be randomly added, which was happening sporadically.
  • The option to turn off the Mobile Theme will no longer randomly disappear.
  • The app will no longer unexpectedly crash if the data connection type changed during a process. (Switching from, say WiFi to a 3G network should now not make the app crash.)

So that’s about it. If you ever notice anything wonky in the app, feel free to submit a bug report to the WordPress for Android Trac, available here: android.trac.wordpress.org. Thank you and enjoy!