20,000 downloads of WordPress for iPhone 2

It’s been just over a week since WordPress for iPhone 2 was released on the App Store. In that time, you’ve downloaded the app onto over 20,000 iPhones and iPods. We’re really pleased to see how many people are interested in the app, especially those who are able to use it for the first time with version 2.0. To mark the occasion, we wanted to show you our new video introduction for the app, take the time to share some data with you, and answer a few questions we’ve been seeing.

We’re also keeping track of downloads by country and by iPhone OS version. This helps us identify the languages to focus on once we begin translating the app, and helps us plan for which new OS features we can count on our users having available.


As happy as we are with the reception for 2.0, we continue working hard to make it even better. We’ve identified a few recurring questions that we’d like to answer for everyone.

Q. Why is this a new app? I don’t want to re-enter my blog settings.
A. Previous versions of WordPress for iPhone were uploaded to the App Store by a contracted developer. To make it easier for us to test new features, fix bugs, and update the app more often, that task will now be handled by those of us developing the app at Automattic. Apple’s only method for changing the “ownership” of an app in the store is to release a completely new version, as we’ve done here. It’s a bit painful, we know, but we should be set now for all future releases.

Q. Why did you remove landscape mode?
A. It’s still there. Bring up the on-screen keyboard to start editing a post, then rotate the device. Apple doesn’t support landscape mode in some areas, particularly the photo picker and the date selection wheel. Having landscape mode turned on for every section was causing bugs that were impossible to fix (while still using Apple’s standard user interface elements).  So we’ve removed it from the areas of the app where it didn’t work well, and kept it in the writing interface, where it’s really useful.

Q. I can’t log in!
A. Ok, not quite a question, but we’ve seen this one a few times on iTunes. However, we haven’t yet had a report of this in the forums, the only place we’re able to provide hands-on assistance with the app. If you’re sure that you’re entering your URL, username, and password correctly and are still unable to connect, please let us know in the forums. (A quick hint for connection issues: Make sure you’re using the latest version of WordPress, 2.8.5, and try temporarily disabling any plugins you have installed). We’ve done lots of work in version 2.0 to eliminate connection problems for the vast majority of blog setups. We’d like to make it work for everyone, but can only help when you work with us to troubleshoot the problem you’re having.

We’ve already begun working on issues identified since the release of 2.0, and are looking forward to being able to provide more timely updates for you going forward. You can track the progress of the project’s development in Trac.

Once again, if you need help using the app or would just like to offer a suggestion, please visit the WordPress for iPhone forums. You can stay up to date with our progress by visiting our development blog, Making WordPress for iPhone. And of course, if you’re thrilled with the app, we’d love for you to review it on the App Store. 🙂