Your Most Interesting Mobile Post?

So here’s a question for the mobile bloggers out there.  What has been your most unique, or most memorable mobile post?  Whether it was posting from Kazakhstan while riding steppe ponies, from under your car while changing your oil, or the best prose you’ve written while blogging from your iPhone — add a comment and let us know.

Keep it G-rated and come back from time to time to see what others have shared.

I’ll start off by sharing a not-very exciting example.  Recently I took the family to Zion’s National Park and we were briefly rained “in” at the main building.  Being the OCD developer that I am, I turned my wife and kids loose in the souvenir store and began testing some code I had recently written by posting several brief entries to my blog.  They consisted mostly of “test 1” and “test 1” but hey – that’s the kind of exciting life I live…  So, the location was a bit interesting, the prose – not.

I’m sure many of you can top that (not hard!) so drop a comment and get the ball rolling!