Fix testing help needed for xml-rpc endpoint issues

We’ve implemented a fix in trunk for the XML RPC issue some WordPress app users have experienced. I’m looking for volunteers who have had that problem.  The error you see begins:

“We could not find the XML-RPC service for your blog”.

What I need to do is test the fix to be sure I’ve caught any edge cases. This means either A) temporary access to your blog with at least Author-level permission, or B) for you to run the simulator with the latest code.

If you’ve got an iPhone dev environment and prefer to run tests yourself, the expected behavior is that if all else fails, the application will bring up a view and ask for the user to input the xmlrpc endpoint URL manually.  If the endpoint is available, the blog should successfully load.  The new code tries some other things first, so if your blog loads without this manual input view, so much the better.

This input view should appear after saying “OK” to the error message about the endpoint.  Let me know if the new version of the app gives you the error above but does not bring up a view to add the XMLRPC endpoint manually.

Since this resolves mostly to a support issue, please read my post and add your responses on the support site here:

Thank you,

John Bickerstaff