WordPress for BlackBerry Public Beta

Hi everyone ! As Matt mentioned at WordCamp San Francisco 2009, we’ve been working on creating an Open Source WordPress for Blackberry application.

To build this native app, we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Danais, who lead the MoPress Open Source project.

There are still a few issues to resolve and UI tweaks to implement, but since testing BlackBerry apps is so easy, we wanted to open this up as quickly as possible to anyone who wanted to take this app for a spin.

First, here’s a quick video tour of the app:

And here’s what you need to know if you want to take the app for a spin:

  • The app is for WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress version 2.5.1 or newer
  • This app should work with any of the new BlackBerry devices such as the 8700, Pearl, Curve, Bold, and Storm
  • BlackBerry OS requirements are OS 4.2.1 or newer
  • For self-hosted WordPress sites, please make sure you have XML-RPC enabled. To confirm, it’s a simple check box in your dashboard under Settings -> Writing

A few words of caution before you proceed: While we’ve tested this a bunch, this is a beta and there are a ton of hardware/OS combinations out there, so please test with a private blog or a backup blog before using on your high-traffic main blog — or wait for the 1.0 version before using this.

To install the beta application: Point your BlackBerry browser to http://blackberry.wordpress.org/install and follow the instructions. Most BlackBerrys will install apps, including this one, in the “Downloads” folder.

We will be pushing updates out on a fairly frequent basis, and the app should prompt you to download a new version. When you install the update, it will ask you to overwrite the current app. Doing so will just overwrite the app, but your settings and local drafts should be preserved.

If you find bugs: Review the How To Report a Bug documentation and submit tickets over on blackberry.trac.wordpress.org.

For developers out there wanting to get involved, you can browse the source code and check out a copy of the app via SVN: http://blackberry.svn.wordpress.org/.

We look forward to your feedback, and definitely want to hear from you if you want to participate in this great project.

If you want to leave a comment on this post post to the WordPress for BlackBerry Forums about any issues, please include if you are on WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress & which version, type of BlackBerry, and BlackBerry OS.