Looking For a Few Good Hardware Testers

Back in November we planned on pushing out the latest 1.2 version of the WordPress for iPhone app to all of you “very soon.” Unfortunately, as you can tell, that hasn’t happened and the process has taken a bit longer. The main reason for the delay is that when Apple released iPhone OS 2.2 during our final testing period, we discovered a host of new issues that needed to be addressed.

The good news is that we now feel comfortable that the app is performing well and is nearly ready for the App store. Before pushing this out to Apple just yet, we’d like to get a few dozen of you to test this version on your actual iPhone/iPod Touch devices.  We want to ensure that nothing new pops up in hardware testing that did not show up before.

To receive a copy of the beta app, just fill out this quick survey and we’ll randomly pick a few dozen of you and send you the app plus instructions for getting this new version onto your device(Update: Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey.  We received an overwhelming number of responses and will be contacting the randomly chosen beta testers shortly with instructions for installing the beta ).  Apple limits the number of hardware beta testers you can have so we can’t send a copy to everyone — even though we’d love to.

As a reminder, this new version includes:

  • Landscape mode with the extra wide keyboard
  • Link creation help
  • Support for editing and creating Pages
  • Comment moderation
  • Asynchronous publishing
  • Photo resizing options

Thanks for your continued support and help on this great project and we hope to get this new version into everyone’s hands as soon as possible.