Help Test WordPress for iPhone Version 1.2

We’ve been hard at work improving the WordPress for iPhone app based on all the great feedback we’ve received from the WordPress community.

Based on this feedback, and along with a few bug fixes and performance enhancements, we are introducing a host of new functionality in the forthcoming 1.2 release, including:

  • Landscape mode with the extra wide keyboard
  • Link creation help
  • Support for editing and creating Pages
  • Comment moderation
  • Asynchronous publishing
  • Photo resizing options

With all this new functionality we are asking for help in testing this new version before we push out the update through the Apple iTunes service.  To help test the app, please run the Apple iPhone Simulator that is bundled with the free SDK and download the latest code tagged “1.2beta1” which is available at see the comment moderation and Pages support you’ll need to test with a WordPress 2.7 beta build or a blog.

If you find any reproducible bugs please check if anyone has already filed a ticket, and if not create a new ticket with all the details on our iPhone trac.

And lastly, to get a sense for the new features, our very own Michael Pick has put together a quick video showing a few of the new things you’ll find in version 1.2:

Thanks in advance to those who can help test, and we look forward to pushing out the final 1.2 release very soon.